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Toby Shop summer launch; PUNK FOREVER a new selection of Toby Mott designs inspired by Toby's new book; 

Punk In Print 1976-1980: The Complete Mott Collection

With organic cotton sweatshirts and new shape bamboo jersey T's, say it and wear it with a London Punk attitude..!! 'My Time Is Now', 'Smash It Up’, 'Cute Candy Kitten’ 'I Want It Now’ and 'I Am A Toy’ 

Metallic foil slogans laid over cut up Punk graphics. 


Punk In Print 1976-1980: The Complete Mott Collection

A comprehensive collection of the history of British Punk. Toby's collection of Punk posters, flyers and zines known as The Mott Collection has been exhibited internationally and is now published in its entirety with full colour reproductions and an extensive index, PPP Editions, New York

See the book and information about The Mott Collection in the pdf's below. You can see more of Toby Mott's publications on the Cultural Traffic Shop