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I [your choice here]

Celebrate your love with a pop sensibility in Toby’s distinctive school detention lines drawing on brightly painted paper.

Following on from the successful launch of his I Love My Neighbourhood series this summer in Notting Hill, London, Toby has received many additional requests. Not just for other neighbourhoods and places around the world from New York City to The Bahamas, but also for the names of pets, lovers and even ice cream..!!

So now he’s accepting commissions on any of eight brightly painted colour options in three sizes.

Artwork will be hand drawn in black ink on painted, handmade, Indian Khadi cotton rag paper.

All commissions welcome with framing options available.


A collection for a new generation of fashion brats. Loose fitting, high quality cotton T’s and hoodies with Toby’s distinctive dystopian, school detention line slogans. With an air of restless nostalgia, it’s free - spirited fashion for now!

Articulating teenage dreams and tantrums for the petulant, attention - starved youth of 2021


The Escape Project

Whilst wondering where I would like to escape to during the first Covid lockdown and asking others where they too would like to escape, this drawing project was born.

The plan was an exhibition in the run up to Christmas but as they say, 'make plans and God laughs’. So now the show is open at my London studio and here at TobyShop.